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29 June 2004

Scouts Australia
1st Eltham "Gellibrand"

1st Eltham "Gellibrand" Cub Pack

Eltham, Victoria, Australia

Eltham is located 20 kms North East from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Eltham is in the shire of Nillumbik

Melbourne is the host of the Australian for both the F1 Grand Prix and the 500cc Motor Bike Grand Prix.


	|          Gidday from "Downunder"               |
	|                                                |
	|                  ,--_|\                        |            
	|                 /  Aus  \                      |           
	|                 \_,--\_/                       |
	|                       v                        |
	|                                                |
	|      1st Eltham "Gellibrand" Cub Scouts        |
	|            Victoria, Australia                 |

* This terms program.

Group Camp Action is better than inaction.
Participation is better than looking on.
Outdoors is more fun than indoors.
Unusual is more exciting than the usual.
Surprise is more interesting than the expected.
Mysterious is more appealing than the obvious.

We would like you to send us the Scouts promise in your language, this is ours:

"On my honour I promise to do my best,
            to do my duty to my God, the Queen of Australia,
                            and to keep the Scout Law"


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