05 May 2008

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There are some great resources out there for Scouting Leaders, the only problem is that some times they are very hard to locate.

This site provides a launching point for Leaders to make a start; not suprisingly it has a Victoria-Australia focus, but Leaders from all over the place should find something of use from the links here.

Our Featured Site ::

Our featured site for this month is ...
22nd Australian Jamboree in 2010 (AJ2010)
22nd Australian Jamboree in 2010 (AJ2010) at Cataract Scout Park in Sydney NSW.

International ::

WOSM: The home of World Scouting.

WOSM Library
WOSM Library: Publications for Leaders in Scouting.

US Scouting Service Project
The US Scouting Service Project: Start your online Scouting Adventure with the U.S. Scouting Service Project, the Scouting Web Portal!

The MacScouter
The MacScouter -- Scouting Resources Online: A whole heap of Scouting Resources! The MacScouter is a member site of the US Scouting Service Project.

ScoutBase UK Scout Fact Sheets
ScoutBase - Scout Fact Sheets: Factsheets in PDF format for a whole range of topics.

ScoutBase UK Games Database
ScoutBase - Games Database: A searchable games database with games for all occasions.

ScoutBase UK Clipart Library
ScoutBase - Clipart Library: Here you will find many electronic resources to help you with newsletters, websites, leaflets etc..

Boy Scouts of America
The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America: Here you will find information on Scouting and the BSA.

Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages
Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages: where you can find all sorts of information about Scouting in many different places.

Scouting Resources UK
Scouting Resources: This website aims to provide useful information and resources for those in the scouting movement.


International Activity ::

JOTI Jamboree On The Internet

JOTA Jamboree On The Air

JOTT Jamboree On The Trail

2010 (BSA) National Scout Jamboree
BSA Jamboree 2010
Soon to appear at www.bsajamboree.org
thanks to Craig B. (BSA Scouter) for this one

Scoutlink is a global non-profit organisation which aims to connect scouts and guides worldwide. We provide a safe and supervised chatting environment for them, using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) technology. Scoutlink is online 365 days a year and has created friendships around the planet. Our main event is JOTI and we enjoy connecting with new people each year.
see http://www.scoutlink.org/

Quick Links ::

Australian Scout Magazine
Australian Scout is a national magazine produced by Scouts Victoria from the contributions of Leaders and readers throughout Australia.
see http://www.australianscout.com.au/

Scouts Australia (National)
The Australian National Scout Site.
see http://www.scouts.com.au/

Scouts Australia (Victorial)
The Victorian Branch Scout Site.
see https://www.vicscouts.asn.au/

Snowgum has a long history, having started as Australian Scout Shops, which first opened soon after Scouting came to Australia in 1908.
see http://snowgum.com.au/

Scouts Australia On-line Library of publications
These publications have been made available for your use from the National Headquarters of Scouts Australia.
see http://www.scouts.com.au/library/

Policy & Rules of Scouts Australia
Policy and Rules (P & R) has been adopted by the National Council of The Scout Association of Australia in accordance with the Royal Charter, as a statement of policy and practice for the conduct of Scouting in Australia and is binding on all formations, members and supporters of the Movement.
see http://www.scouts.com.au/spr/


Victorian Scouting ::

Info Book 2007
Info Book 2007 - Leader Informations & Resource Manual 2007 Edition.

Info Book 2006
Info Book 2006 - Leader Informations & Resource Manual 2006 Edition.

Leader Resource Manual
Leader Resource Manual (Date of Issue November 2001)

Victorian Branch Forms
Forms and Certificates You can now download the Branch Forms from the web! Just make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. These forms are printable, only.


Scouts Australia ::

Leaders Resource Centre
A library of useful resources for Scouting folk shared by Scouting folk!
see http://www.scouts.com.au/lrc/index.asp

The Campfire Circle
The Campfire Circle is the place to have a quiet chat about well... almost anything really! Unlike an ordinary campfire, this one burns for days, weeks and even months.
Ask questions... argue the point... solve the world's problems... all things are possible around the campfire.
see http://www.e2.com.au:8080/~ozcampfire

Other Resources ::

Australian Scouting Rescources
This site contains a myriad of resources and documentation regarding Scouting in Australia including links, documentation, forms, Guestbooks and related Scouting information.
see http://www.scouts.asn.au/

Australian Scouting Newsgroup
The Australian Scouting Newsgroup.
see news:aus.org.scouting

Australian Cub Scouts
Australian Cub Scouts - Yahoo Group
see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AustralianCubScouts/

USSSP: Baloo's Bugle
US Scouting Service Project [USA]
see http://www.usscouts.org/bbugle.asp

American Scouting Newsgroup
The US Scouting Newsgroups.

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